Peiter Griga is a Cincinnati based artist and a National Board Certified Teacher who teaches high school photography. Griga earned his BFA from The University of Cincinnati College of DAAP in 2003 and since then he has worked for The Associated Press and free-lance clients ranging from small design/branding firms to extreme sport companies to larger contemporary indie fashion clients. 

Griga completed a Masters of Art Education from DAAP in 2007 and since has written numerous articles regarding Visual Culture, Semiotics, Photographic Instruction and image based media. It was during this time Griga began working on a series titled, ICANNOTREMEMBERALLTHATIHAVEFORGOTTEN, a complex body of work that explores how we remember and how we forget. ICRATIHF is comprised of photographs created with honey emulsion, performance, sculpture, installation and video pieces.

Outside of Ohio, Griga has exhibited in Seattle, Santa Fe, Green Bay, Detroit as well as San Francisco. He has traveled to Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus photographing archeological excavations for The Kourion Museum.

In 2009 Griga displayed a video installation within the atrium of The Contemporary Art Center and received national attention for his 2013 commission of 8bit QR Code Portraits made from honey emulsion for the DISRUPT-R exhibition at the Artisan Center of Kentucky.

Griga earned his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute and became an Adobe Certified Instructor in 2016. Most recently, Griga exhibited at Root Division in San Francisco shortly before releasing a monograph in 2017 for his series, LIMINALLYYOURS. Highlighted images from LIMINALLYYOURS are currently on exhibit at 21c Cincinnati until October 2019.

Griga resides on an eastern hillside of Cincinnati overlooking the Ohio River with his partner in crime, Meredith as well as their 2 dogs, Diego & Bowie.